Is instant dosa mix good for health?

As the name goes, ‘Instant Dosa Mix’ is a great way to make your breakfast on the go, and especially comes handy on your super packed mornings. It is convenient, hassle free and very easy to use by people of all ages. You can also introduce your little ones to cooking using this easy to make TDH instant dosa mix.

Usually, packaged foods come with preservatives that keep them fresh for long. But TDH Foods instant dosa mix comes with the purest of ingredients with no added preservatives, absolutely. The mix comes with a natural special formulation that keeps the ingredients intact and gives you the best, round dosas during your use. It is made with a notion to make sure it is very healthy and causes absolutely no harm in any way in terms of health. Hence, its formulation is made considering a lot of factors that are beneficial to our health.

TDH Foods instant dosa mix is fresh and natural, besides its highly nutritious elements present in it. For all the individuals that are health conscious, this is an easy, ready to make, instant solution that gives you the best in no time. The ingredients used, directly are procured from the farmers, made into powder and sealed, so there’s absolutely fresh flour used in the mix.

You can use this TDH Foods instant dosa mix and make different varieties of dosas according to how you wish, everyday of the week. Order your pack today from online, Amazon.