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Rishika Instant Dosa Mix
Rishika Dosa instant mix is newly Launched by Tenali Double Horse foods The dosa's of this instant mix were very delicious, crispy, mouth filling feel.
Rishika Instant Vada Mix
Tenali Double Horse Foods has just launched the Rishika Instant Vada mix. Vada Mix, a ready-to-make from tdh foods, is one of the delectable dishes that perfectly captures the flavor of the South India . The Rishika Instant Vada Mix is the perfect dish to fill your tummy with deliciousness, especially whether you're having breakfast or a tasty snack.
Rishika Instant Idli Mix
It’s really easy when you have instant idli mix powder on hand. Unlike regular idli mix that requires soaking and fermenting to turn into batter, Rishika instant idli mix powder just needs to be mixed with water and steamed in an idli maker or pressure cooker. Enjoy the fresh flavor of homemade idlis whenever you want them with this convenient instant idli mix from Rishika!

Are you looking for something that’s nutritious, delicious and easy to make at the same time? With work consuming all our day and life getting increasingly hectic, one is often left with no time to cook nutritious as well as delicious meals. Introducing Tenali Double Horse Foods Ready To Cook range of products that is rich in fiber & protein, making your meals nutritious and tasty.

Explore Rishika Sunnundalu Tdh Rishika Instant Mixes Range – Dosa, Idli, Vada.

Range of Products


Our healthy and tasty Sunnundalu comes in two different quantities - 200g and 400g.

Instant Dosa Mix

Our Dosa mix comes in powdered form, to which you’ll have to add water in the right proportions to cook it.

Instant Idli Mix

Our Instant Idli mix comes in powdered form, to which you’ll have to add water that can be made into batter in minutes

Instant Vada Mix

Our Instant Vada mix comes in powdered form, to which you’ll have to add water that can be made into batter in minutes

200 & 400 Grams Pack

TDH Food Products is a company, that makes Instant food products that are ready to cook like the idly instant mix, dosa powder, etc., The company is located in Tenali. The major products are Rishika sunnundalu 200gms and 400 gms.


Rishika Sunnundalu 200gms

₹ 130.00

Rishika Sunnundalu 400gms

₹ 245.00

Rishika Instant Dosa Mix (Pack of 2)

₹ 150.00

Rishika Instant Idli Mix (Pack of 2)

₹ 150.00

Rishika Instant Vada Mix (Pack of 2)

₹ 150.00

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About Company

TDH Foods is a company by Tenali Double Horse, that started on the core factor of selling the healthiest foods in its purest form, without adding any preservatives. Everything that is made, is of the highest quality, and there are no second guesses about our authenticity. We assure you’ll only have the best – so good that there’s no turning back! It’ll make you crave for more and be hooked onto our products!

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